Create the life and business you desire;
full of love, joy, fun and effortless!

What if life could truly be exactly what you dream of?

Do you feel there is so much more to life than you have been experiencing so far?

Do you feel you came into this life to make an impact but have not quite nailed it yet in your life or business?

Are you ready for a life of less stress, more impact, more money, freedom, doing what you absolutely love to do and what lights you up?

Yes, it is truly possible to do exactly that what you love doing, get paid for it and therefor live or create the life of your dreams. 

I'm a strong believer that life is 20% strategy and 80% ALIGNMENT. I believe in learning how to use your Inner Wisdom to walk your unique path and use all of your unique gifts, abilities and talents. 

I practise what I preach. And by doing so I have been able to transform my own life in a matter of 2 years. Going from totally and completely broke, with a huge debt, in a job I loathed, no personal and social life and living with depression and anxiety while being a single mum to a blooming and thriving business, healed from 18 years of depression and anxiety, paying off my debts, living and creating my dream life with the freedom to choose my clients while working a short few hours a day and being fully present in my mine and my son's life. 

If I can do it, my clients have done it, then believe me when I say anyone can do it.

Are you ready to create a life full of love, joy, happiness, success, freedom, more money, soulmate clients, more and deeper impact?

Find out below how we can make this happen together.

Hi, I'm Nesha

Business woman, mum, friend and spiritual junkie. I can be down to earth as well as woo-woo at the same time. Just the right amount of each.

As an Intuitive Life and Business Coach I help female entrepreneurs create a business that is fully in alignement with who they are and with their own unique gifts and talents. I help you connect to your true soul purpose so that you run your business from absolute superflow.

After having been in corporate since I was 18, I decided to ditch it all in 2016 and start my journey as an entrepreneur. First in Network Marketing, which I absolutely loved but wasn't in alignment with my life purpose, to now a successful coaching business.

I'm absolutely passionate about empowering women to create the life and business of their dreams from a place of alignmentpure joy and fun. 


Working with me means you get to ride along on my energy while creating from a place of true alignment.

With that comes my Dutch Honesty combined with a portion of spirituality (woo-woo and all), whether you like it or not.

In my teachings I will always use our combined Inner Goddess Wisdom to get you all the answers, steps and strategies you need to transform your life and business. All in full alignment with who you truly are.

Ways we can work together:

Signature Programme: Soul Aligned Business

Deep Dive Business Strategy Session

Business Reading & Healing

Money Healing Session - Coming soon