Mumma to a gorgeous boy, enjoying the beauty of life and an absolute bookworm.
Spiritual junkie with an edge for woo-woo, but also down to earth practical.
Generally and genuinely happy, with a gift to see the positive in every situation and in people. A huge passion for helping people create the life of their dreams without the struggle, hustle and push. Love everything to do with personal development and devour at least 3 books a week.
Enthusiastic person, with a zest for life. Sometimes stubborn and impatient, but overall happy to be around.

Life hasn't always been good to me and I have not always been this happy and excited about life. 

At the age of 13 I was confronted with the sudden death of my mum. As you can imagine, for a girl just about to hit puberty the absolute worst time to lose my mum (not that there is ever a good time to lose your parents). Even though I was put in therapy to try and deal with the sudden loss and the grief I immediately shut down. I didn't want to speak to anyone about it, let alone my feelings. On the outside things seemed so different compared to how I was feeling.

"My gosh, you are so strong. I truly admire how you are dealing with everything and how brave you are", was something I would hear pretty much every single day from different people. 

If only they knew....

For the next 18 years I would be in and out of therapy, dealing with depressions and anxiety, partying 3 to 4 nights a week, drinking heavily and doing drugs and the remaining days of the week I would be suffering in silence. I didn't want to bother anyone with my hurt and I didn't want to be a burden on anyone. I was a true master in disguise. 

As a little girl I had always known there was more to life than what we could see in the physical world. I can remember a couple of incidents when I was around 4 years old telling my mum about the things I had seen or experienced. Luckily my mum was always so supportive and never made fun of me or it. She had a spiritual touch herself and so she knew....
After her passing I shut myself off for spirituality completely.

Looking back on the years I had always kept some kind of door open. My best friend and I would always have the most deep philosophical conversation asking the deep questions about the meaning of life. 

2017 was one of the toughest years for me. Even though I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy, I was depressed AF. 

I hated the job I was in but felt stuck because of a huge debt hanging over my head and no matter what I did couldn't seem to pay off. As a single mum my personal and social life was crumbling underneath my feet. With my sister living 2 hours away, and my parents abroad, I was pretty much trying to survive on my own. 

When I was introduced to Universal Intelligence and learned the techniques I use today in my sessions and some of my teachings, my life instantly started to shift!


I decided to ditch the job I hated. Even though I had no back up plan, which was pretty scary, I knew and trusted things was going to work out.

The huge debt that was hanging over my head and making me feel stuck in every way possible was paid off in a little over 8 months.

I decided to move closer to my family and started my business right after I had moved.

In using the techniques I use these days in my sessions and my teachings I was able to heal myself from my depressions and anxiety. The crippling feeling of wanting to die or not wanting to get out of bed is GONE!

These days I find absolute joy in helping female entrepreneurs to create the life of their dreams free from all the conditioning we as women have endured for thousands of years. It is my absolute passion to help YOU see YOUR greatness again, to do exactly that what lights you up and fills you with passion and to REmember who you truly are, underneath all those self limiting beliefs. 

I know it is my mission to help as many women as I can to not only awaken and create their dream life, but more so to LIVE their dream life. 

And I can't wait to help you on your journey!