Booking Policy

Please read this intro and disclaimer carefully.

Welcome to Nesha Victoria!

Universal Intelligence is who we all truly are at the core of our existence. It is our Higher Self, super-conscious, True Self (this is my preferred choice), spirit, soul…It is whatever you want to call it. It’s quantum physics, spirituality and personal ideas all combined.

Becoming an Inner Goddess Mentor has allowed me to learn tools to connect with your True Self through my True Self and deliver all kinds of messages to you. It allows me to identify limiting beliefs that are stuck in your subconscious mind and are causing all kinds of blockages, illnesses, stress, uncertainties and worries in different areas of your life.

Any messages I give you will NOT be my personal opinion or advice. I always set out the intention to ONLY deliver messages from your True Self. I am merely the messenger/postman, delivering you messages which I receive in words, images and/or feelings, exactly what your True Self wants you to know at that exact moment to help you improve your life.


We will begin by identifying the causes of negative thoughts and beliefs in your life (coming from the Ego, or your "false self.") Once removed and cleared by putting the truth in place, it will help stop the patterns in your life which are not in your highest good and thus change your life for the better.


Prior to the session:

Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you have a pen and paper at hand, so you can take notes. If you have specific questions or concerns in your life, make sure you have written them down in advance. Be intentional in your willingness to receive messages to improve your life. And most importantly: relax and enjoy!


During the session:

Before starting the session, I will do some energetic work to create a safe and protective space. I will then make contact with your True Self so that I can receive the messages and have your questions answered. After that I will clear the limiting beliefs and blockages. It is highly possible that your True Self will give you some exercises for after the session to empower the work we’ve done during the session. These exercises are not being made up by me, but solely delivered by your True Self to ensure that it is exactly what you need at that exact moment in your life.




I am by no means a doctor or medical professional and I cannot diagnose, cure or treat any disease or medical condition. If anything medically related comes up during our session I will strongly advise you to seek medical advice from a doctor or specialist.

It is possible that during a session sensitive information comes through. Please, know that everything discussed during the session will be 100% confidential and will NOT be shared with anyone else.

Your True Self will only give messages that you can handle, process and integrate at the time of your session.

Please note that you are solely responsible for your own life’s decisions, actions and outcomes.

Rest assured that I will create a safe space for you and our session, free from condemnation and full of love, protection, trust and peace.