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No talk coaching zone


When I first started out as a licensed coach a huge part of my sessions was talking to my clients. But the more sessions I did, the more I kept thinking to myself during a session “if only you could just shut up for 5 minutes, I could REALLY help you”.


You see, our monkey chatter/ego mind loves to talk.
Especially when we get to the deeper, darker issues in our lives, our ego mind has the tendency of going on and on about things happening in our lives. And during those sessions I realised my clients LOVE to talk.


I get it, we are so used to talking. We are so used to trying and explain everything in so much depth and detail. When you go to a psychiatrist or psychologist you are expected to talk. To talk about your feelings, past experiences, thoughts etc. 
Through your sharing, the psychiatrist or psychologist gets to the root of your problems. 


However, if you’ve ever had any type of counselling you will know it takes a lot of sessions to get to the root of your issues and then even more, to try and heal the trauma if ever. So, I get it, talking can be really helpful and can help you get to the root of things. 


But my god, what you can achieve when someone is NOT talking. When we leave the ego mind at the door and don’t invite it to join the conversation. 




And so, after many sessions that just felt like I was wasting my clients time and my own time because we weren’t getting to the root of things as fast as I know I can, I decided to start doing my sessions on my own terms. 




By creating a space where my client can’t interrupt the session.


My client will have 30 minutes of uninterrupted rest by laying on her bed or sofa, listening to a playlist I send ahead of our session together and I get to work my magic in peace and quiet from a distance.


How welcoming is this when you already are so busy running your business, family and life in general? Just laying down and relax for 30 minutes while someone else uses their magic…


No Zoom/Teams/Skype.
No phone call.
No seeing or speaking to each other. 

When the ego mind is not invited to the session that is when the magic happens.


That’s when I can dive so deep to make each session truly life-changing.
That’s when I can go straight to the root of the problem that you are experiencing right now. 


That moment in your childhood, that moment when you were still a foetus in the womb, that imprint in your DNA from your ancestor, or even a previous life…Guided by the divine I can go back on your timeline to that time when it first originated.

Once I’m there together with mine and your team of spirit guides and your higher self I can do deep healing and transformative work.


And once I’m done? I will send you a voice note to explain what I saw, heard and did. And I will give you some simple and practical homework to carry on the healing of that particular trauma. 


And then it’s time to:



 Whether you have issues in your business, your personal life, your family, your relationships etc, know it’s all connected. 

So even when you ask a question about your business, the root cause of your problem can lie in something to do with your family life or vice versa. 


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