Facebook Group Rules



Please read these rules carefully

  1. Be kind, positive & uplifting
    This group is all about positivity and empowerment. We support, empower, celebrate, and cheer each other on. Ranting, bashing, bullying, judging, and criticizing each other is not tolerated in this group and will result in a permanent ban without warning.
  2. Give value
    Women who genuinely give value to this group will be offered opportunities to showcase their expertise in the form of hosting a Masterclass in this group, have a freebie highlighted in the welcome post to new members, allowed to post a link to their group, website or page in their future posts or something else.
    NO need to put in a request and requests will not be taken into consideration. Admin will decide who will be given this opportunity, when and what the opportunity is.
  3. Promo
    Promo is allowed in this group on Monday for paid offers, only on designated thread. Group links and websites will be allowed in this thread too. Posts outside the thread will not be approved. Thread will be posted at 00.01am UK time. Comment section on thread will be turned off at 11.59pm UK time.
    On Saturday you get the opportunity to showcase your free offers. This can include freebies, webinars, challenges, market research…anything you don’t ask money for. These posts will be allowed inside the group. There won’t be a specific thread for this.
    IMPORTANT: times for these posts will be between 0.00am and 11.59pm UK time. If you are in a different time zone, please make sure that your post is submitted on time so that we can approve it within these times. Use a time converter to make sure that you are aware of the latest time you have to submit the post to be on time.
    On Friday there will be a thread for Instagram where you get to share your Instagram link and follow others to grow your audience. 
  4. No soliciting whatsoever
    It is strictly forbidden to DM members without consent, reply to posts with your MLM, business or links even when someone asks for advice or help. Learn to build a connection/relationship before bombarding people with your business. If you give value from the heart and help people without expecting to gain business from it, people will feel your genuine energy and will reach out to hire or work with you.
  5. Card readings are NOT allowed
    Although giving and receiving card readings is a lot of fun and informative, it often turns out that the majority of posts will be just card readings and that takes away from the purpose of this group. There are TONS of groups of Facebook where you can get and do card readings.
  6. No livestreaming or sharing videos into this group
    Apart from Masterclasses hosted by admins or guests who have been handpicked and invited by admins we don’t allow any live videos in this group. The same goes for pre-recorded videos, whether they are your own or from others. No sharing of outside content into this group as it clogs the posting wall.
  7. Have respect for each other as a person and business
    If you have nothing nice to say, please scroll past or remove yourself from the group. We don’t allow any judgement, criticizing or bullying. If you can’t respect someone’s business or don’t agree with them just scroll on, no need to comment.
  8. No messaging admins about declined posts
    Messaging admins or moderators why your post was declined or removed is NOT allowed. The post was removed because a rule was broken. The admins will give a reason when declining or removing your post. Please come back and re-read the rules if necessary, before your next post. If you break a rule once, we will forgive you as we all make mistakes from time to time. If you keep breaking the same rule over and over admins have the right to permanently remove you.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a permanent ban from the group.