What if you would just believe

Published on 9 March 2021 at 10:26

What if you would start to believe that everything you desire and everything you wish for is within reach?

I see it happen all the time, a woman giving up on her dreams because what she longs for doesn't seem to be coming to fruition.

And the little voices start to become more noticeable:

- I’m unworthy

- I must have done something wrong

- I am being judged on the mistakes I have made in my life

- I'm not good enough

- I can’t do it

- It takes too long

- I don’t have enough time

- It should have been here by now, I’ve done everything I’m supposed to etc.

But what if I told you that everything you desire, everything you dream of is within reach?

Everything you desire for yourself.

Everything you desire for your business.

Everything you desire for your life.

Everything you desire for your mission.

Everything you dream of is within reach. Because everything you dream of, what you long for, what you desire already exists. It already exists within you. Otherwise you cannot visualise it. Whether you see it in images, get it through feelings or imagine it.

When you can visualise it, it means it already exists. It only resides in a parallel universe.

Your only job is to match the frequency it already exists in so that it can materialise in our current 3D world.

But how do you do that?
By putting your intuition in the driver's seat and believe that what you desire is your birthright.

Your intuition knows the fastest, most convenient and easiest route to the right frequency.

When your ego is in the driver's seat, it will come up with all kinds of routes to take you further away from your goal. Further from the correct frequency. Because the goal of your ego is to keep you “safe” within your comfort zone.

Everything you desire, dream about and wish for for yourself and your business is new and “scary” to ego. It’s the unknown.So it benefits by keeping you where you are now.

With the result of you giving up.

And too often I see women give up right in front of the finish line. Just before they manifest that which they so longed for.

Don't let ego hold you back. Keep believing in what is yours.

Put your intuition in the driver's seat and let it guide you to what is already yours.

Follow your intuition’s directions about when it it’s time to take action and when it is time to rest, relax, and go into non-action so that you allow the universe to take care of its part.

You are the creator of your life working together with the Universe. Dance the dance of the Universe and let your intuition lead this dance.


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