Start before you're ready

Published on 16 March 2021 at 10:59

As an entrepreneur I bet you’ve heard this before. At least once, if not more.

Many entrepreneurs when just starting out feel they need to have certain systems in place before they can start serving their customers. Think of a logo, fully functioning website with tons of pages, lead magnet, landing page, salespages, fully detailed programmes and offers and so on.

And they all have to be fancy and professional because all the people you look up to have these things in place.

It’s what all the strategy coaches tell you, you need in your business. And the overwhelm kicks in. You find yourself stuck on having all these things done before you can launch.

And usually because there is no money coming in from your business yet, you find you have to do all these things yourself because there is no money to outsource yet.

And when you are finally ready to launch, you start to worry because how do you actually launch?

You hire your next business coach to tell you what strategy to apply. The strategy that has worked for him or her and many others, so it must work for you too.

Only to find that strategy not working for you. So, you start to think it must be you, the systems, your offer or all of the above.

But here’s the thing:

We are all on our own unique path. Our own unique purpose we chose to come fulfil in this lifetime.

The strategy that works for one might not work for you. 

Because just like you have a unique path in your personal life, so has your business.

When you just start even before you have all the systems in place, even before you have every detail of your course/program/offer worked out, you put a trust in the universe to back you whenever necessary.

And you will start to see everything fall into place at the exact right time.

The course you only had a title for and a price to charge, suddenly gets content week by week as you are delivering it to your clients.

That website you have been trying to create for months all of a sudden is done through a webdesigner dying to do your training has exchanged services with you.

That social media manager you have been dreaming of hiring but didn’t have the money for will suddenly offer her services after purchasing your product.

When you say yes to your soul, the universe says yes to you.

The universe will orchestrate everything you need, just because you started. Just because you followed that inspiration. Just because you said yes to that calling.


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