My Ticket To Freedom

Does this resonate with you?:

    - For most of your life you have been doing what you're supposed to do even though you feel a pull towards something else but you haven't really figured out what that something else is yet.

    - You have come to a point in your life where you are feeling kind of lost. 

    - You know that you are here on this planet for a reason and there is a purpose to life, you just haven't figured out your purpose yet.

    - You are tired of living for someone else's dream and working on someone else's dream. 


    Welcome to My Ticket To Freedom

    The programme that is going to help you create your dream life from absolute passion through living your purpose.

    In this 12-week programme I am going to take you through:

    • Reconnecting 
    • Releasing
    • Remembering
    • Recreating

    Imagine this:

    ❤️ What would it feel like if you realise you no longer need outside approval and guidance because you have reconnected back         to the ONLY navigation system that knows the route of your journey? 

    ❤️ What burdens would be lifted of your shoulders if you can release, let go and heal your past? Come to terms with everything         that happened in your life and you can forgive yourself and others so that you can let go of all the harmful and toxic energy           trapped inside your body.

    ❤️ How freeing would it be to remember who you truly are at the core of your soul? To remember what you chose to come                experience in this lifetime and to remember what a powerful creator you truly are?

    ❤️ How amazing would it be to be able to recreate your life from a place of absolute joy and love. No longer bound by your                  restrictive reality. And the recreate the life you've been dreaming of for so long?


    Programme outline

    Week 1-3: Reconnecting
    Learn different tools and techniques to instantly connect to your Inner Goddess Connection and communicate with your Inner Goddess and build a solid connection.

    Week 4-6: Releasing
    Clear, release, let go and heal all the old stories you keep telling yourself over and over again. It's time to say goodbye to all the trauma, limiting beliefs, fears, worries and past.

    Week 7-9: Remembering
    It's time to have Mind, Body and Spirit work together in unison again. To remember who you truly are at the core and what you came here to do in this lifetime.

    Week 10-12: Recreating
    Once you know who YOU are the fun starts. It's time to recreate your life. This time from the heart and in connection with the Universe. No more hustle, pushing and always in the do-mode, but co-creating and allowing yourself to receive all the good that is your birthright.

    By the end of these 12 weeks together, you will come away with:

    • A solid foundation, trust and faith in your connection
    • Decades lighter, free from all the limiting beliefs, the burdens, guilt, shame and blocks that have prevented you from living the life of your dreams
    • Your true and ONLY inner guidance system that will give you your directions for the rest of your life.
    • A strong plan to move forward from here on out.


    What's included:

    12 online modules where I share with you all my                             knowledge, tools and techniques that I've used to                         transform my life so that you can do the same

    Weekly video's with information, motivations, inspiration            and simple tasks to help you with your connection and              communication with intuition. 

     4 live online Q&A on topic of the past weeks

    Private community with extra support and resources                   during non-contact weeks

    12 weeks of increasing your frequency to become a                      magnet to all the positive things you desire and deserve in        your life