Do you find yourself wondering:

- When am I going to have my big break?

- When are the clients going to start lining up?

- When is the money going to start pouring in?

- I've paid my dues, I've done all the hard work. Why don't I have the money to show for it?

- How much longer do I have to freaking wait?


Money! Don't you just wish you had it all?

But here's the thing:

You really can have it ALL, right NOW and on YOUR TERMS!


And when you join me in Ready for Wealth, the Money & Business Breakthrough program for women who are ready to manifest riches from alignment I'm going to show you EXACTLY how you can create the internal shifts and the practical framework to create your new money story and success right NOW.



Hi lovely,

My name Nesha (in case we haven’t met yet), and I spent years thinking that I was doing “everything” I could do to create the business, the money, the life and the income I wanted, but the truth is that the harder I PUSHED to make money and to make things work in my life the harder I pushed it all away from me.

At my worst I was well over 60k in debt. And still had quite a few lessons to learn!


I was always hustling and working my ass off trying to make ends meat, let alone try and pay off some of the debt, but it only ever seemed to get worse and worse.

And I found myself wondering Will I ever come out of this? Is this truly what the rest of my life is going to be like? 


Have you ever found yourself thinking and wondering:

- Why do other people have all this success doing nothing and I'm busting my ass and can't get to seem ahead in life?

- I must be doomed to have financial struggles for the rest of my life...

- When will I ever figure this money thing out and be able to enjoy life?

What am I doing wrong?


I get it. I've been there. I've been there, asking myself these questions and more.

Thinking I was doing something or everything wrong.

And I'm happy and relieved to admit I'm NOT there anymore.

I now run a successful and growing business.

I've helped tons of women, just like you, to achieve their next goal in finances, business and life. Whether that be a monetary goal, freedom goal, relationship name it.

I now live a fun and free-flowing 'do what I want as and when I want it' life.

I get to spend my days doing what I love....writing, dreaming, creating...or going on fun days out with my son...or go shopping or to the beach in the middle of the day.

I get to do exactly what I love.

And nothing that I don't want, like or love. 

I am in complete alignment with my business and my life. I'm so grateful for this.


And that is why I created Ready for Wealth!


It took me years to have my breakthrough, because it took me that long to figure this money game out. 


It's not just about the money. If you kind of have figured that out, but still haven't figured out that making the breakthrough is a MUST, than this is absolutely THE program for you!


Now 50% off

I Know What It’s Like to Be Stuck and SO freaking scared


I used to be exactly where you are – stuck, frustrated, scared and so OVER waiting for my time to come.

I was doing ALL of the work I could find to do, both inner and outer, but making what felt like continual 'hamster on a wheel progress'.
In many ways, I had created success, and so much to be proud of ... but it seemed that every step forward was either hand in hand with blood, sweat, and tears or the 1 step forward, 3 steps backwards way!


At the worst of it, and before I started to really understand money, and before achieving the results which led me to creating this course 


I sold everything I had.


I kept thinking it WAS going to get better, and that if only I did this and did that, it would ged better. And it just … didn’t. It kept getting worse! And gradually, I used up the back up plans of my back up plans and had to face up to what I’d created:


Over 60k of debt, and no freaking clue how I was going to get out.


I never stopped believing though. And this was probably the only thing that kept me going.


So when I say I get it:


I get it!


I get what it’s like to be one of ‘those’ entrepreneurs who dreams WAY bigger than everyone else but seems to CONSTANTLY get herself in over her head. Who KNOWS she is destined for great things but while everyone else is doing the should-do-it-this-way way, you are the one who seems to be working harder with fewer results!


But here's the thing....

Whether your money story is worse than mine, similar or not quite that bad but still bad enough to make you unhappy...


If I can do it, SO CAN YOU TOO!


Here's the deets:

When you join Ready for Wealth, you’ll receive everything you need to create the business and money breakthrough you KNOW you can have and are now READY to make HAPPEN!

βœ… Access to 6 training modules with such amazing stuff that is going to blow your mind. Money gets to be easy again.

βœ… Workbook & journal prompts to reflect on where you currently are and to create a new positive, uplifting and empowering story 

βœ… Access to private Facebook group for support and celebration with other women who are ready for their success and wealth.


So here's the plan:

This program is a perfect combination of inner and outer work to help you figure out your money shit once and for all and create an actionable plan you know you can and WILL rock!

We will:

πŸ’Ž Identify your current story around money and how you THINK you have to be in your business and life in order to create wealth, so that you understand WHY everything is happening the way it's happening in your life. Here's the thing: there is ALWAYS a payoff. Once we find it and you understand the reason you CHOSE this, you can then start to WORK THROUGH IT.

πŸ’Ž Look at your life purpose and what it is you came here to do in this lifetime. We will look at EVERYTHING that is and is NOT working right now on a money level in your bizz as well as a SOUL level – if your business is not fully aligned to who you are meant to be and you are not living your purpose, then guess what? Wealth will NEVER find you.

πŸ’Ž Connect you back to your own AWESOMENESS and really let your TRUE personality, beliefs and light shine – money is not attracted to a fearful or apologetic attitude. Time to shine BABY. Share that soul message far and wide!

πŸ’Ž ​Learn all the internal strategies, manifestations, workthroughs (and meltdowns!) I used to shift my mindset from fear, scarcity, and NEVER being enough into a state of true belief that abundance is mine.

πŸ’Ž And I’ll give you the step-by-step breakdown of my daily ‘money routine’, which comprises both inner work and practical steps that I still take every day to INSIST that money keeps flowing to me. 

πŸ’Ž I’ll also teach you exactly how to set goals that come to life every time. I've learned the INCREDIBLE power of properly framing your goals and your vision, and I want to show you how you can do the same!

πŸ’Ž SMASH through your fears and doubts around money and break through the patterns and sabotage to create a new inner and outer reality that will get you where you want to be.


We’ll be creating an action right now Money Plan for you based on two parts:

1️⃣ Cashflow for NOW plan – to take the heat off while you work on your true BIG PICTURE vision

2️⃣ The long term vision for your ultimate business and life – crafting the practical and internal steps you need to take to make your ultimate ‘one day’ business and life dreams your NOW reality


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We do not refund. We encourage you to buy products that you will commit to.