Success Stories

Nesha is amazing. So warm, loving and caring. She puts you right at ease with her calm energy and no question is too much for her. Highly recommend her!

- Meghan - 

I've been working with Nesha for a while now, through her 1 on 1 coaching. A few months ago she asked me if I wanted to be a casestudy for a programme she was creating. Wanting to help her out, I never thought about the changes it would have on me. I am so blessed she asked me because it help me change some major issues in my life.

- Susan - 

I think I've had over 20 years of therapy and treatments for all different types of things but mainly my mental health. 3 sessions with Nesha and it was like I was a complete new person. I can't wait to join her next programme. She is an extraordinary person.

- Michelle -

I have gone through several sessions with Nesha. She's always willing to listen (even outsideof our appointments), gives you the right tools. At almost 57 years old I was starting to  get pretty stuck. With the help of Nesha, I am starting a new chapter in my life. Where I always thought I would never dare .... things are starting to take shape. And although I don't really need sessions right now, she always stays with me by my side. Thank you dear Nesha and I hope you can inspire many more like you did me.

- Rosanna - 

Recommended by a friend I came to Nesha because I was feeling lost in my job. I knew I wanted something else, but I didn't know what was stopping me. In just 1 session Nesha told me what the issue was, when it originated and why it was holding me back from pursuing my dreams. I ended up purchasing the full package because I knew she could help me in more areas of my life. We are now 8 months down the line and I am a complete new woman. I quit my job to focus on my art fulltime. I am now earning more working 10 hours a week compared to the 38 hours in my old job. I can't thank Nesha enough.

- Mandi - 

Recently, a certain issue stayed on my mind. Finally made the move and asked Nesha for help. It is now only a few days ago but the changes that have happened since then are really mega!
I feel more positive, more loving and a lot calmer.

Nesha is a sweet, warm and gentle person with a really nice energy.
No question is too much and I can always contact her.

Thank you dear Nesha. Continue to do what you do because you are very good at it!

- Sandra - 

After having been married for almost 2 years I started to put pressure on myself as to why we hadn't conceived yet. No matter all the good advises given and all the things we were trying, it wasn't working. Physically there were no issues. I had gone through every test possible with every result coming back as nothing wrong with either of us.

I had been following Nesha for a while and after going back and forth with my husband, he told me to contact her as I had nothing to lose and who knows what this could bring.

Somewhat nervous I booked my first session not knowing what to expect and if she could help me at all. And boy did she help me. That first session within 10 minutes she had me in tears and by the end of the session we were laughing and joking. She gave me some "homework" to do and we scheduled the next session for a week later. In total I completed 8 sessions with Nesha over the course of 5 months. Because of the connection we felt with her I couldn't keep my mouth shut and 3 months into our sessions I had to tell her the BIG news...I WAS PREGNANT. 

Even though our sessions had ended, Nesha kept in contact with me and was genuinely interested in the pregnancy. Of course when our little girl was born last April she was one of the first people we called, after our parents and siblings of course.

I can't recommend this amazing, beautiful person enough. For everything she has done for me, my husband and our beautiful family. 

And I can't wait until she launches her intuition programme because I am completely won over. 

- Jenny -

Practical spirituality with a bit of woowoo. The first time I heard her say that I thought, nope not for me.
But this woman is captivating. She knows to explain things in a way that you start to look at things from a different perspective. 

A few months ago she posted in a group I was in that she was putting together a casestudy group for a new programme she was thinking of launching. Something in me pushed me to message her and she offered me one of the places. 

Having done her 3 month programme I'm blown away by my own results. I still have a long way to go, but I'm not scared of the practical spirituality with a bit of woowoo anymore. Bring on the woowoo 'cause it's kind of fun. 
I'm definitely going to take part in your next programme because I can't stop learning from you. You've got a new fan.

- Cindy -