Business Reading & Healing

Next level coaching

Coaching with an open mind in a way you have probably never experienced before but has the power to leap you 10 steps ahead in just 1 single session. Problems/issues/trauma’s you have been dealing with for weeks, months or even years will be worked through without you having to drag up the sometimes painful emotions or fears like in conventional therapy sessions. With just a few words from you I am able to help you. It’s just that easy.

This is for you if you:

- Have a business either online or offline

- Find yourself trying all these different strategies and still not succeeding in getting the desired results

- Are serious about real transformation that sometimes can be raw but ever so healing

- Are ready to accept the truth and take the necessary steps to improve whatever is hindering you at the moment

This is not for you if you:

- Can't see past obstacles and can't open up to seeing opportunities

- Don't like or can't take responsibility for your life

- Rather see yourself as a victim and look for excuses rather than solutions

- Are not open to other ways and possibilities to creating the best life and business for yourself

Why is this approach different than conventional coaching? 

Self-help books, personal development, therapy, business coaching all work with your conscious mind. They work with the surface level You. The obvious, in your face issues. Treating symptoms rather than looking at what's actually at the root causing the struggles.

As an Intuitive Master Coach I have over 200 hours of training under my belt. I have been trained to deal with basically every topic you can think of. Believe me I have seen and heard it all and I am here to help you without any judgement. Because let's face it, you have probably been harsh on yourself far too long. I am here to take away the judgement, help you understand how something has been created and why it has been effecting you for far too long. And best of all I will clear it so it no longer forms in issue in your life.

Over the years I have acquired my Reiki Masters, trained in Chakra healing and Tarot and Oracle Reading to name a few. During a session I allow myself to be guided by the energies as to what healing to use. 

What would it mean to you to:

🌺 Be free of all the blocks and limitations that have been holding you back in your business and preventing you from reaching the level of success you desire for yourself

🌺 Release and let go of all the traumas you've gone through in this and past life times without having to discuss each detail of what you are feeling or have gone through

🌺 Finally start creating the life of your dreams. The life you desire and absolutely deserve

🌺 Love yourself unconditionally

🌺 Be proud of the person you are today and the business you've created

🌺 Feel calm, relaxed, strong and have faith about your future

🌺 Have the business of your dreams in full alignment with who you truly are

How does it work?

When you schedule your session you will be send a questionnaire to inform me about the topic or the issue you're struggling with.

On the day and time of your appointment all you have to do is find a quiet space where you can lie down, relax and listen to some healing music for 30 minutes. (I can give you suggestions or send you a Spotify list)

I will do a distance Business Reading & Healing using my strong connection with the Universe, my gifts as an Intuitive healer and different energy healing modalities like Reiki energy, Chakra healing, Inner Child healing and many more. All will be intuitively guided to me when I connect with your energy on the date & time of your appointment. 

After I have finished the session I will send you an extensive voice message explaining what obstacles I found, the root causes connected to it and how I healed it. I will also give you any messages that came through from your guides and Inner Goddess Connection and sometimes I will have some homework for you to help with the healing, the integration and the transformation. This can include anything from journal prompts, meditations, purchasing essential oils, to specific things you have to do like a walk in nature or a phone call to someone.

Quantum Leap Your Business Package

Sometimes a single session is not sufficient to help you break through certain obstacles. It will be much more effective to work together over a period of time.


That is why you have the option to choose the Quantum Leap Your Business package:

6x 40-minute video call where we dive deep into your business and break through the blockages that have been keeping you from achieving the levels you desire.

2x 30 minute Business Reading & Healing Sessions to really align you with your business and get you to focus on your Zone of Genius

* Payment plan available

I only take on a few people a year. Therefor places are limited. If you are serious about Quantum Leaping Your Business, please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.