Nesha Victoria Coaching presents...

Soul Aligned Business

For the woman who is ready to run her business in superflow and alignement

Do you find yourself struggling with:

- Being consistent?

- Being visible?

- Not knowing what to say/post?

- Confidence about your work due to the lack of experience?

- Comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs in the same field/niche who make it look so easy while you are struggling to get all the jobs done?

- Fear of not knowing enough?

- Fear of not being able to deliver what you offer your clients?

- Overwhelm about all the systems you're supposed to have in place?

I get it, as an entrepreneur you get stuck in the overwhelm of systems and strategies.

You started with an amazing idea, that grew into a concept and eventually a business, because you decided you had something important to share with the world. You run your business from passion, drive and motivation to best serve your clients/customers. 

After an initial success of attracting some clients/customers, if you're lucky, you find yourself hitting the first wall. You can't seem to attract more clients/customers.

And then you catch a wind of "it's because you need to have certain systems in place" or "have you thought about what strategy you're going to apply to set you apart from your competition?"

Things you hadn't thought about before because you were simply following the guidance you felt in your core. That passion, the fire from deep within. 

And all of a sudden that has come to a screeching halt....


- I need to have a website first (a professional, sleek and slick website if possible or I can't compete with my competitors).

- I need a mailing system. Not sure how or what but everyone is saying the money is in the list so I must have that.

- I need a freebie that is so different from others to have people join my mailing list.

- I need a great converting landing page to get people to sign up to my mailing list.

- I need to have at least so many offers, so people can choose.

- I need to post 5 times a day on all Social Media platforms, because I need to be visible everywhere.

- I need a funnel and ads because how are people otherwise going to find me.

- I need, I need, I need....

What is the driving force behind a successful business?

In contrary to popular belief, a successful business has very little to do with strategy yet everything to do with your energy.

The things you believe about yourself have the biggest impact on your business. Whether it is in being visible, being consistent and doing certain tasks that are essential to your business. If you have certain thoughts, beliefs and emotions about yourself you will struggle in these areas.

Are you:

Sick and tired of feeling OVERWHELMED by all the systems and strategies you are supposed to have in place, that take away the joy of why you started your business in the first place?

Ready to connect back to your soul's purpose and run your business from a place of ALIGNMENT and in SUPERFLOW, the way you intended when you first started your business?

Excited to be a MAGNET to your soul aligned clients, who are ready and eager to work with you?

Ready to start working together WITH the Universe and manifest the success you have been dreaming of from the start?

Say hello to....

Highly personalised 12-week programme with a common structure

Outline Modules

What's in it for me?

By the end of our 12 weeks together, you will:

- Have formed a SOUL DEEP connection with your business. 
- Be a magnet to YOUR soul aligned clients in the way only you can.
- Have DITCHED all the processes that don't feel aligned and drain you from energy. Instead you  
  will have a personalised strategy that works for you and keeps you in SUPERFLOW.
- Make the MONEY you desire and deserve, including asking the prices you desire.

What you get:

- 6 Modules with online videos and tasks to integrate and transform your business

- 1x 30-Minute 1 on 1 session at the start of your programme through Zoom

- 4x 45-Minute 1 on 1 session during the programme through Zoom

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to shine big and make the impact you desired to make when you first started your business.

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life and business, instead of making excuses why you haven't succeeded yet. Everything is a learning potential.

  • You understand and are willing to do the inner work. Face your shadows and demons and break free from your limitations.
  • You are ready and willing to invest time and money in yourself because you believe in yourself and know you are here to make a difference.

This is not for you if:

  • You only think in excuses, problems, obstacles and can'ts.
  • You find it a waste of time and money to invest in your dreams and desires.

  • You don't have anything with spirituality, manifesting and Law of Attraction. I'm a spiritual junkie and will incorporate quite out-of-this-world methods in my teachings. I'm not your average business coach.

  • You want a business coach who teaches you to the next generic everyone-does-the-same-thing-strategy.

  • You are looking for someone who sugarcoats everything, because you basically like where you currently are and don't really want to change.