Money Healing 1 on 1 Session

But what if I want a private session just you and me?

I know for many money is a very sensitive subject. It used to be for me too.

That is why I am offering the possibility of a private Money Healing 1 on 1 Session, just you and me. Where you can be as open as you desire without feeling ashamed or guilty for your current money situation.

During this 1 on 1 session we will take a close look at your current money personality. I will dive deep into what that looks like for you now. What your gifts are in this current money personality but also what your challenges are.

We will then look at shifting your money perspective and create a new supporting money story that you can start implementing right away. This will be intuitively guided, meaning I will let your intuition communicate with me as to what direction we will take. 

This is a highly personalised session that I will lead intuitively guided. Therefor it might look a bit different than what I've described here.