Money Healing Workshop

Break through your income ceiling and start attracting the money you desire.


MONEY; feared by many, yet desired by even more.

We live in a limitless, boundless and abundant universe. Yet we place so many restrictions and limitations on ourselves and what we believe is possible for us. Not only in our personal lives, relationships, careers, ourselves and also money. 


Many of us grew up with beliefs like:

  • Money doesn't grow on trees
  • It takes hard work to earn money
  • Only rich/privileged people are destined to be rich
  • Get your head out of the clouds, it's not meant for us to be rich or have money
  • Rich people are selfish
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • and so on....

No wonder most of us struggle with money and have a hard time believing it's an unlimited source and available to all of us. 

Oh how I wish you could just see and believe that now. But I know, for you to get to that point you need to break down a few walls...a few beliefs...before you can create a new empowering money story.

And that is why I am hosting a 3 hour workshop to shift your current, not-serving-you money story into an empowering and magnetic money story.


By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have rewritten your old outdated not-serving-you money story into a new, exciting and supportive and attracting money story.
  • Have broken through and broken down your self imposed low money ceiling. Hello, new money!
  • See the truth of what the universe wants for you.
  • Love spreading the joy and excitement about money.
  • Attract the money you desire as if by magic....


In this 3 hour workshop you will:

  • Learn all about your current money personality; how you view money, what money means to you and how you currently make your money decisions. 
  • Rewrite your money story.
  • Create new money habits to support your new money story.
  • And get a few tips and tricks to immediately start attracting the money you desire.


This is an interactive workshop where we will dive deep into your current money story, break through the glass ceiling you placed for yourself and create a new so supporting money story for yourself. 

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Your investment in this workshop and yourself

3 monthly payments of £37 a month or

Pay in full £97